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What is Skynex?

Skynex Drones at a Glance 

People Who Share a Passion and Interest for Drones

Skynex Global Drones, also known as “Skynex Industrial Drones”, is first and foremost a group of people in Toronto, Ontario, who share a common passion and interest for drones, and who enjoy the liberty and freedom of expression offered online to discuss and share their specialized knowledge and expertise of the drone industry generally, and drone technologies more specifically. Since its inception on 09-11-2017, Skynex Global Drones has and continues to grow its presence and influence in online and offline business communities. Today, Skynex can be found on a wide range of mainstream social media platforms, such as InstagramTwitterFacebook, as well as on local or global niche industry community forums. A list of the more popular sites on which you can connect with Skynex is available below.

To continue doing what we are most passionate about means doing good business with good people that support what we do. This, in turn, depends on our ability to provide our members with effective and reliable drone solutions. Drone solutions offered through Skynex are carefully selected based on their unique features and characteristics, as well as on their perceived ability to respond to the commercial and industrial needs of businesses operating in a technologically advanced and interconnected global economy.

The Right Drone Solution, for the Right Purpose

3 Main Industry Sectors, 2 Main Drone Functionalities, Readily Available Expert Support

In hopes of alleviating some of the difficulties and challenges involved in finding the right commercial or industrial drone solutions, Skynex Industrial Drones has developed a clear and well-organized taxonomy that seeks to guide its customers through the drone investment funnel in a seamless manner. At present, Skynex customers can explore commercial and industrial drones for sale by using three main drone industry categories, or two main primary drone functionalities. The three main drone industry categories are: (1) commercial drones for sale; (2) industrial drones for sale; and (3) public agency drones for sale. The two primary drone functionalities are: (1) inspection drones for sale; (2) mapping and surveying drones for sale.

Each of the aforementioned industry categories are further divided into subcategories of commercial or industrial activities. Commercial drone subcategories include, for instance: Delivery DronesFilm & Television DronesInsurance DronesMedia & Journalism DronesPhotography DronesReal Estate Marketing DronesSports & Training DronesTravel & Tourism DronesWedding & Celebration Drones. Industrial drone subcategories include, for instance: Agricultural DronesConstruction DronesInfrastructure Drone SolutionsMining & Quarrying DronesOil & Gas Drone Solutions.

If the Skynex navigation menu isn’t enough, a Skynex Drones expert is always readily available to help you find the right commercial or industrial drone solution, for the right purpose.

Other Popular Skynex Links

Skynex has grown its presence and influence online over the past year. As of 2018, people can find and connect with Skynex on a wide variety of different social media platforms. Some of the more popular ones include: Skynex Drones on FacebookSkynex Drones on PinterestSkynex Drones on TwitterSkynex Drones on FlickrSkynex Drones on AboutMeSkynex Drones on InstagramSkynex Drones on Reddit, and Skynex Drones on Tumblr. Skynex also maintains several blogs, for instance: Skynex on BloggerSkynex on Medium.  As well, people will find Skynex on various websites, such as: Skynex on WebsSkynex PortfolioSkynex on CarbonMadeSkynex GravatarSkynex on ArticulateSkynex on Wix; Skynex on Deviant Art; and Skynex on Weebly.

Skynex Industrial Drones at a Glimpse

Commercial + Industrial Drones for Sale

For drone enthusiasts that may have missed some of our previous posts, Skynex Global Drones is in the process of opening a new store, Skynex Industrial Drones. In contrast to Skynex Global Drones, which offers a general store with private drones for sale, the new store was created to respond to demands Skynex Global Drones was receiving from various private drone manufacturers . The within post provides a glimpse of the Skynex Industrial Drones store. First, why do business with Skynex Industrial Drones?

Britain From Above


Excellent Buyer Protections, Guarantees, and Warranties on All Products, and More

  1. Best Price Guaranteed: Skynex Industrial Drones offers guaranteed best price on all its products. Investors and buyers who find a better price elsewhere are encouraged to contact Skynex to receive a better price.
  2. Neutral, Unbiased Advice & Recommendations: Skynex Industrial Drones offers neutral, unbiased advice, help, and recommendations to its customers. Unlike most drone stores, Skynex Industrial Drones does not act for or represent in any way in one or more drone manufacturer. We receive no incentive for suggested one commercial or industrial drone solution over another.
  3. Unparalleled Expertise: because we do not represent any single drone manufacturer, we offer a variety of different solutions drawn from different sources. Owing to this fact, we have acquired a specialized expertise in drones. In addition to keeping current with news in the drone industry, we also keep current with the latest developments in drone technology, as well as the latest product releases from the best drone manufacturers. Due to our knowledge of the various products available on the drone market, we are able to find the best solution for our clients.
  4. Drone Specialists: unlike most store, we do not offer electronics, We focus strictly on drones. Our general store, Skynex Global Drones, offers personal entertainment drone solutions from racing drones, to professional photography drones, to acrobatic drones and more. Skynex Industrial Drones focuses strictly on commercial and industrial drone solutions.
  5. Warranty – 1 Year Free Care and Repairs: all products sold on Skynex Industrial Drones are covered by a limited warranty. In addition to a no hassle, friendly return policy, Skynex Industrial Drones also offers 1 year of free drone care and repair services to its customers.
  6. Anything Else? Of Course: In addition to all of the above, Skynex Industrial Drones offers all-inclusive prices. In other words, the price you see on our store is the price you’ll pay at checkout, no more no less. U.S. customers also benefit from 0% sales tax and free shipping. Customers in Canada benefit from free shipping.

Skynex Industrial Drones for Sale 2


The Best & Latest Commercial & Industrial Drone Solutions

  1. The Latest Commercial & Industrial Drone Solutions: The commercial and industrial drones for sale at Skynex Industrial Drones offer the very latest drone technologies designed for commercial and industrial operations and activities. Worded differently, the Skynex Industrial Drones store includes drone technologies that are up to date for the year 2018.
  2. Commercial Drones for Sale: The Skynex Industrial Drones is determined to remain the world’s premier, leading store for not only private drone solutions, but also for commercial drone solutions. Presently, the commercial drones available at Skynex Industrial Drones cover the following commercial activities: Delivery Dronesfilm & Television DronesInsurance DronesMedia & Journalism DronesPhotography DronesReal Estate Marketing DronesSports & Events DronesTravel & Tourism DronesWedding & Celebration Drones. Businesses and organizations in these and other sectors have a lot to gain from investing in a commercial drone solution tailored to their needs.
  3. Industrial Drones for SaleIn addition to personal and commercial drone solutions, Skynex is also making it its priority objective to remain the world’s premier industrial drone store. Presently, Skynex Industrial Drones offers industrial drones that cover the following industrial sectors: All Industrial Drones for Sale; Agricultural DronesConstruction Drones; Infrastructure Drone Solutions; Mining & Quarrying Drones; Oil & Gas Drone Solutions.

The above is but an overview of Skynex’s new store, Skynex Industrial Drones. Skynex Industrial Drones will also make available cutting-edge drone and photography accessories for professional photography and cinematographic film producers. Investors, customers, and buyers are welcomed to contact one of our experts to find a a personalized commercial or industrial solution for their needs.


Guaranteed Best Price, Tailored Solutions, Expert Support: Industrial Drones for Sale Now at Skynex

Skynex Industrial Drones, an affiliate store of Skynex Global Drones, Ltd., specializes in the sale and distribution of commercial and industrial solutions. Skynex Industrial Drones categorizes its industrial drones in functionality, as well as in industry sector. The functionalities of industrial drones are as follows: (1) inspection drones for sale; (2) mapping and surveying drones for sale; (3) monitoring drones for sale; and (4) photography and filming drones for sale. The industry sectors represented through the selection of drones at Skynex Industrial Drones is as follows: (a) agricultural drones for sale; (b) infrastructure drones for sale; (c) mining and quarrying drones for sale; and (d) oil and gas drones for sale.
Infrastructure drones, mining and quarrying drones, and oil and as drones are further subdivided into the following sub-categories: (i) bridge and tunnel inspection drones for sale; (ii) railway inspection drones for sale; (iii) road and highway inspection drones for sale; (iv) waterway inspection drones for sale. Mining and quarrying drones are subdivided as follows: (i) mining exploration drones; (ii) mining operation drones for sale; (iii) mining planning and permitting drones; (iv) mining reclamation drones for sale. Oil and gas drones are subdivided as follows: (i) environmental monitoring drones for sale; (ii) ice monitoring drones for sale; (iii) offshore inspection drones (iv) onshore inspection drones for sale; (v) pipeline inspection drones for sale; (vi) security drones for sale; (vii) tailings pond inspection drones; (viii) structural inspection drones; (ix) underdeck inspection drones; (x) vegetation mapping drones; (xi) wildlife monitoring drones.
The above classification of industrial drones serves two purposes. First, it highlights the number of different ways drones can be deployed to enhance industrial activities. Second, it helps investors pinpoint a drone solution that is best suited to their industrial needs. Most industrial drones are highly versatile in nature, and can be deployed for a wide range of different commercial and industrial activities. Some industry sectors, for instance, infrastructure drones, draw upon a single functionality, in this case, inspection. Investors looking for an infrastructure inspection drone are thus best advised to consider investing in drones that offer superior aerial photography and videography capabilities. They may also want to ensure that the drone’s payload/camera is equipped with a powerful zoom to conduct millimetre-close inspections. Conversely, the mining and quarrying and oil and gas industrial sectors call upon all industrial functions that is, inspecting, monitoring, mapping and surveying, and photography and filming.

Industrial Drones: A Useful Taxonomy

Industrial Drones

Industrial Drones

Skynex Global Drones Leads the Way with Industrial Drones

Skynex Global Drones, Ltd.  has recently opened a new specialized drone store, Skynex Industrial Drones. Unlike Skynex Global Drones, a general store that offers personal (hobby) drone solutions, Skynex Industrial Drones is a specialized industrial drone store through which investors can gain access to the unparalleled knowledge and expertise of a Skynex industrial drone expert. Industrial drone solutions recommended by Skynex are neutral, unbiased, and based exclusively on the needs and requirements expressed by the investor. Drone functionalities covered by Skynex Industrial Drones currently include:

Each of the above four industrial drone functionalities can fit within a variety of different industrial contexts. Currently, the industrial sectors envisaged by Skynex Industrial Drones drone taxonomy include the following:

Skynex Industrial Drones further subdivides infrastructure, mining and quarrying, and oil and gas drones into further sub-categories, all of which also draw on specific drone functionalities. For instance, infrastructure drones are divided as follows: tunnel and bridge inspections; road and highway inspections; waterway inspections; and railway inspections. As is apparent from this categorization, infrastructure drones draw heavily if not entirely on the inspection functionality of industrial drones. Oil and gas drones, as well as mining and quarrying drones, draw on all industrial drone functionalities. Why or how is this industrial drone taxonomy useful?

Usefulness of Skynex Industrial Drones’ Taxonomy

Skynex Industrial Drones’ above-mentioned industrial drone taxonomy is useful in at least two ways. First, it highlights to what use and purpose drones can be put to work in various industry sectors, and how industrial activities and operations can gain/benefit from drones. Secondly, the Skynex Industrial Drones’ taxonomy is useful to investors looking to pinpoint the right industrial drone solution, for the right purpose.

Investors looking to find the right industrial drone solution for the right industrial purpose are encouraged to contact a Skynex drone expert at no cost. 

Industrial Drones for Sale Now at Skynex

Industrial Drones for Sale

Skynex Global Drones, Ltd. world’s premier drone/UAV store, now offers industrial drones for sale at guaranteed best prices. Expert advice is readily available to investors looking to find an industrial drone solution tailored to the particular needs and expectations of their industry. Among the various types of industrial drones for sale at Skynex Industrial, Skynex offers a rich and varied selection of the world’s leading surveying drones for sale on the market.

Mapping and Surveying Drones for Sale at Skynex Industrial Drones.jpg

Surveying drones currently for sale at Skynex Industrial features drones that are “hot-swap” capable that is, industrial drones with payload/camera solutions that can easily and quickly be interchanged, with very little downtime in between. Payload/camera options available for conducting industrial-grade surveys include: ultra-high definition images; thermal heat signature imaging; low-light and night vision imaging; LiDAR; and more. Surveying drones for sale at Skynex offer a rapid, quick, efficient, cost-effective, and reliable means of performing industrial surveys.

Unparalleled expert advice is readily available, at no cost, to investors looking to invest in an industrial-grade mapping and surveying drone. Prices offered on surveying industrial drones at Skynex Industrial Drones are guaranteed best prices. Investors that find better prices elsewhere are encouraged to contact Skynex for price matching options.

Surveying Drones for Sale.jpg

8 Ways to Perfect Your Aerial Drone Photography Skills


Below are 8 easy ways to perfect your aerial drone photography skills, and to get the very best and most our of your aerial photography drone. As with everything else in life, always keep in mind that practice makes perfect.

1. Before Heading Up High in the Sky

A few precautions should be taken before sending you aerial photography drone high up in the sky.  (1) Get well accustomed with local laws and regulations regarding hobby drones. Only fly your drone in an area if you’ve become well acquainted with applicable drone laws and regulations, and are sure that its safe to fly. (2) Make sure to always calibrate your drone whenever you change locations. (3) check your drone’s compass sensor index after calibrating, and make sure that the sensor index is between 1400 and 1600. If the  number is higher, this may indicate signal disturbances that can cause in-flight connection problems. (4) Always test your drone at ground level before flying it higher in the sky. Watch our for any abnormalities in flight and control before sending it any higher. (5) Watch out for wild life.

2. Use Longer Shutter Speeds Over ISO Setting

The higher your ISO, the more grain and noise will appear in your aerial drone captures. In broad day light, there is sufficient light available to leave the ISO setting at a minimum. In low-light environments, using a longer shutter speed should be preferred over increasing the ISO. With this in mind, you’ll want to find the perfect, balanced setting for each environment.


3. Shoot in RAW format

As with normal photography, capturing aerial drone images in RAW format allows you to later bring appropriate corrections to things such as colors and exposure. If you end up capturing that one stunning photograph with your drone, you’ll certainly be glad to be able to have access to post-processing options made available through apps like Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop.

4. Make Good use of Bracketing 

For anyone unaccustomed with the term, ‘bracketing’ refers to the ability to simultaneously shoot to or more photos using different camera settings. Bracketing will ensure you always have that one photo with the best camera settings relative to your subject and its environment. If you’ve also been shooting in RAW format, you’ll be able to apply post-processing options to the best image.


5. Start from Auto Mode then Switch and Adjust from Manual Mode

The granular control offered through manual mode (M), as opposed to automatic (P) mode, is just another way for you to express you artistic creativity in aerial drone photography. However, doing so can be tricky, especially if you’re a beginner. A good way to learn is to first start in auto mode, to see what settings are suggested relative to a specific subject and its environment. With those settings in mind, you can then switch to manual mode, and making any adjustments according to your own artistic viewpoint.

gabriel-vissoto-175995 (1).jpg

6. Low-light Conditions and In-Flight Vibrations

Unique to the art of aerial drone photography is the fact that the device used to take the photos is often high up in the sky, where it becomes vulnerable to vibration and shaking caused by higher altitude winds. This is particularly problematic when shooting in low-light environments, such as night time. To reduce vibrations and shaking in your aerial drone photos, a shutter speed that does not exceed 3 seconds is recommended.


7. Neutral Density and Polarizing Filters

In well-lit environments, such as in broad daylight, use neutral density filters (‘ND’) as a creative, artistic tool for your aerial drone photography. Using a ND filters the light coming to the drone’s camera, and achieves a result that is similar to shooting with a slow shutter speed of say, 1/50 of a second. The result is a darker image in broad day light settings, which can lead to overall better looking images.


8. Use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are excellent tools to help you achieve you creative and artistic vision. Use them to your advantage.


DJI’s Ronin 2

DJI’s released the Ronin 2, which it describes as a more powerful, versatile, and intelligent stabilizer for film and video professionals. According to DJI, the all new Ronin 2 offers, among many other things, more power and torque to carry larger cameras. It incorporates more intelligent features, and is more versatile in terms of its ability to be used and adapted to different situations, from a large scale studio photoshoot, to a tightly focused documentary. DJI essentially brought the Ronin back to the drawing board, to come up with an overall better high performance product. The main features of the DJI Ronin 2 are included immediately below.



  • High torque encoded motors for larger payloads (without sacrificing speed)
  • Film at speeds of up to 75 mph w/ 30 pound payload; strong wind resistance; all while delivering 0.02 degrees of sub-pixel level precision
  • Improved gimbal assistant App for intuitive control
  • Integrated locks on all three axis provides easier balancing, tuning, transportation
  • New integrated adjustment knobs allow quick fine tuning adjustments
  • Dual batteries that can easily be replaced without interruption;
  • 50mm extendable arms allow full customization; carry larger cameras and lenses, from DSLR to cinematic cameras and lenses
  • Full carbon fibre built


Mounts and Movements

  • Cross-compatibility with quick release mount (e.g. can easily be mounted/dismounted to and from vehicles, drones, cable cams, or hand mounted)
  • Hand held 2.4/5.8 GHz remote control designed for wireless control of gimbal with minimum interference with an operating range of up to 1.5 km
  • New 2 Axis operation mode with locks allow unique mobility and camera control
  • Easy detachable hand grip and foldaway feet
  • Easy handheld and jib configuration


Set Up and User Friendliness

  • Refined setup and balancing time
  • Axis locking levers and fine tuning knobs for fast and precise balancing
  • Auto Tune stability feature for intelligent adjustment of motor parameters
  • Integrated touch screen with 1,000 nits of brightness for on-the-fly gimbal and RED camera configuration



  • Carbon fibre monocoque style frame with new fold-away feet
  • Splash-proof motor design with internally routed power, SDI, and data cabling
  • Integrated power and data ports
  • Four 14.4 volt ports near camera cage; two 12.6 volt ports near pan motor; one P-Tap 12.6 volt outlet on battery mount


Intelligent Features

  • New Time lapse mode for programming of multiple movements and camera actions
  • Enhanced SmoothTrack system provides stable images while on the move
  • New GPS module allowing for better performance in high speed shooting
  • New CamAnchor for quick recording of preferred gimbal orientation
  • Gimbal assistant mobile app with easy, user-friendly interface
  • New Panorama mode for still image panoramas
  • New studio-oriented functions


Price & Availability

DJI has yet to announce a price for its new Ronin 2. The Ronin to will be available during the second quarter of 2017 from DJI, DJI Flagship stores, DJI Authorized Retail Stores, and DJI Resellers worldwide.







DJI’s Long Awaited Product Release: Disappointment, Satisfaction, or Both?

DJI May 24 product release

The Current Climate in the Consumer Hobby Drone Industry – Less than a month ago, Skynex Racing released a brief post about DJI’s undisclosed product that was set to be released today, May 24, 2017. The release came just a few weeks from the International Drone Racing Association‘s upcoming June 2-4 Dover drone racing series being held in parallel with NASCAR, and less than a month from the Drone Racing League‘s season 2. Owing to the success of these drone racing leagues, several other big, small, amateur, and professional drone racing leagues have sprung up,  notably the DR1 Micro Drone Racing Series. Aside from all the hype going on in the consumer hobby drone racing sector, as consumers are increasingly turning to portable gadgets, pocket selfie drones have also been growing in popularity.

In light of the above climate in the consumer drone industry, and left with little to no other clue than what appeared on DJI’s ad for the secret product release (above), some consumer hobby drone industry experts affirmed that “seize the moment” referred to a fleeting moment, and related to something fast, but without necessarily referring to speed. Some expert consumer drone commentators guessed a Phantom 5, a selfie drone, the spark drone. For our part, relying on the flashy swirling lines against the pitch black background of DJI’s ad for the new product release, we had guessed that perhaps DJI would make its first real attempt to pierce into the consumer hobby drone racing sector. In the end, many were wrong about what DJI was cooking for its fans.

The new product released today, May 24, 2017, in New York City at 11:00 am, was the Ronin 2, described by DJI as “a more powerful, versatile and Intelligent Stabilizer For Film And Video Professionals”. Does this new product release by DJI offer satisfaction, or disappointment? The answer is of course both. DJI’s most important presence and following is in the aerial drone photography and filming sector. In that sense, the Ronin 2 will definitely come as great satisfaction for its existing customers looking for the latest in DJI drone technology. On the other hand, aside from perhaps its Snail Propulsion System, DJI has made very little to no contributions towards one of the largest growing sectors in consumer hobby drones that is, first-person-view (‘FPV’) drone racing. Given the quality of the products it offers to its photography and filming drone enthusiasts, DJI has left a large section of drone enthusiast underserved, envious, jealous, and disappointed.

DJI Ronin 2





The Key to Exploiting All that is Best from Aerial Drone Photography

0004283_ottawa-hot-air-balloon-rideLooking back at the origins of aerial photography, and comparing the means that were used back then with today’s modern consumer hobby drones, it’s apparent that the full creative potential of consumer hobby drones as it relates to aerial photography depends on the photographer’s ability to exploit the unique and inherent characteristics and features of a drone. This includes the ability to capture subjects and sceneries that test a drones maneuverability, agility, precision, and responsiveness, from angles that aren’t available from the ground or high-up in the sky, and under circumstances that would otherwise pose a risk, danger, or hazard. Worded differently, aerial drone photography, properly said, is at its best when it can’t be replicated through any other means, such as airplane, satellite, helicopter, kite, hot-air balloons, etc.

From Paris to Boston to San Francisco: a Brief History of Aerial Photography


The very first aerial photographs are credited to a French photographer named Gaspard-Felix Tournachon (a.k.a. Nadar) who in 1858, undertook the risk of capturing Paris from a shaky tethered balloon at an altitude of 1,600. Two years later, the trend caught on in other parts of the world; aerial photography was born in the United States when James Wallace Black took photographs of Boston, once more from a hot-air balloon. Some 20 to 30 years later, photographers began re-envisioning the means employed for aerial photography.  Near the end of the 19th century, Arthur Batut daringly took aerial photos of Southern France from a kite, a method of aerial photography that was replicated by George L. Lawrence in 1906 when he took photos of the damages caused by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Perhaps more interestingly, aerial photography became the thing of Pigeons carrying miniature cameras with automated timing mechanisms, a method that was rapidly employed by the French military during World War I, then after by the C.I.A. following World War II.


The Question

Aerial photography was said to be born from a hot-air balloon, then by kites, the by carrier pigeons and other similar creative and innovative contraption. At the heart of a better understand of the role of modern consumer hobby drones in the history of aerial photography, or what is expected from modern consumer hobby drones within the historical context of aerial photography, is how are drones different from hot-air balloons, kites, pigeons, and other means or methods used for aerial photography. The differences between these means or methods and drones emphasize what should be reflected in good aerial drone photography.  In other words, aerial drone photography shines when it brings perspectives that cannot be reproduced by any other means. For instance, with perhaps the exception of air zone restrictions, one could imagine that the below photo, while stunningly beautiful, could be reproduced by helicopter or aircraft. The key question to ask is, can you droner capture be replicated by other means of aerial photography, such as by satellite, helicopter, airplane, kite, etc. How are drones different from these means, or methods of aerial photography?


While stunningly beautiful, one could imagine how the unique characteristics of a drone are not required to capture this type of angle and perspective. Worded differently, this photo could most likely be captured using other means, for instance, a helicopter.

Main Differences

Accessibility, Plurality, and Diversity – Leaving aside C.I.A. type intelligence gathering aerial photography drones, a first obvious and important difference between consumer hobby drones and other methods of aerial photography are that aerial photography drones are much more accessible that  a hot-air balloon, kite, carrier pigeons, helicopters, satellites, airplanes, and the likes. Consumer hobby drones are not constrained to the professional, specialist photographer looking to bring a fresh new perspective to her/his artistic work, as may have been the case with Tournachon, Batut, and Lawrence. With the above in mind, leaving aside advancements in digital photography and storage devices, aerial photography drones have in that sense enabled or facilitated the release of a massive explosion of creativity, plurality, and diversity of individual perspectives. Dronestagram is a testimony of this fact.


This drone capture, taken in the Philippines from an altitude only accessible by drone, exemplifies the creativity and diversity in the masses often present in aerial drone photography.


This drone capture entitled “where’s Wally”, was also captured at an altitude only accessible by drones, and exemplifies a culture of the masses. 

Positioning and Risk – Another visible difference is that whereas hot-air balloons, kites, helicopters, airplanes, etc. are piloted from within and above ground, drones are piloted from a first-person-view (‘FPV’) that is outside of the drone, and from the ground up. That is to say, unlike kites and hot-air balloons and the likes, the person pressing the shutter button on the camera is not physically in the air; the photographer remains on the ground. As with carrier pigeons used for dangerous military and intelligence gathering missions, photographers are therefore completely distanced, or removed from any physical risk associated with being in the air. Psychologically, the photographer is freed from the fear or risk of any physical harm. This arguably provides more room and freedom for creativity in aerial photography. The result of risk, uniqueness, and captivation are often the result of aerial drone photography. A photo on top of the Golden Gate Bridge is a example of such a daring risk in aerial photography.


This drone capture was taken from an angle, perspective, and altitude only accessible by drone. The risk or danger of taking this photo by any other means of aerial photography would be too great. 

Size and Maneuverability – Leaving aside modern C.I.A. type intelligence gathering aerial photography drones, drones with aerial capabilities are much smaller, let alone more discrete than hot air balloons, kites, and the likes. Drones are also much more manoeuvrable, agile, and responsive to commands. This includes being able to change very rapidly from a low, near-ground hovering altitude, to a a high, above-cloud altitude. Aerial drone photography therefore offers a highly dynamic and timely method of capturing unique moments of subjects or sceneries, from unique and creative angles. One could image how the below capture of an Eagle, for instance, would not have been possible without the quick responsive maneuverability offered by a small aerial photography drone.


Final Remarks 

Aerial drone photography is at its best when the captures call upon the unique features and characteristics of consumer hobby drones, which offer unique angles of subjects and sceneries not otherwise accessible by any other aerial photography means. If your drone capture cannot be replicated using other means of aerial photography, such as by airplane, helicopter, satellite, kite, and the likes, then you’re exploiting the full creative potential of the new and modern art of aerial drone photography.