DJI’s Ronin 2

DJI’s released the Ronin 2, which it describes as a more powerful, versatile, and intelligent stabilizer for film and video professionals. According to DJI, the all new Ronin 2 offers, among many other things, more power and torque to carry larger cameras. It incorporates more intelligent features, and is more versatile in terms of its ability to be used and adapted to different situations, from a large scale studio photoshoot, to a tightly focused documentary. DJI essentially brought the Ronin back to the drawing board, to come up with an overall better high performance product. The main features of the DJI Ronin 2 are included immediately below.



  • High torque encoded motors for larger payloads (without sacrificing speed)
  • Film at speeds of up to 75 mph w/ 30 pound payload; strong wind resistance; all while delivering 0.02 degrees of sub-pixel level precision
  • Improved gimbal assistant App for intuitive control
  • Integrated locks on all three axis provides easier balancing, tuning, transportation
  • New integrated adjustment knobs allow quick fine tuning adjustments
  • Dual batteries that can easily be replaced without interruption;
  • 50mm extendable arms allow full customization; carry larger cameras and lenses, from DSLR to cinematic cameras and lenses
  • Full carbon fibre built


Mounts and Movements

  • Cross-compatibility with quick release mount (e.g. can easily be mounted/dismounted to and from vehicles, drones, cable cams, or hand mounted)
  • Hand held 2.4/5.8 GHz remote control designed for wireless control of gimbal with minimum interference with an operating range of up to 1.5 km
  • New 2 Axis operation mode with locks allow unique mobility and camera control
  • Easy detachable hand grip and foldaway feet
  • Easy handheld and jib configuration


Set Up and User Friendliness

  • Refined setup and balancing time
  • Axis locking levers and fine tuning knobs for fast and precise balancing
  • Auto Tune stability feature for intelligent adjustment of motor parameters
  • Integrated touch screen with 1,000 nits of brightness for on-the-fly gimbal and RED camera configuration



  • Carbon fibre monocoque style frame with new fold-away feet
  • Splash-proof motor design with internally routed power, SDI, and data cabling
  • Integrated power and data ports
  • Four 14.4 volt ports near camera cage; two 12.6 volt ports near pan motor; one P-Tap 12.6 volt outlet on battery mount


Intelligent Features

  • New Time lapse mode for programming of multiple movements and camera actions
  • Enhanced SmoothTrack system provides stable images while on the move
  • New GPS module allowing for better performance in high speed shooting
  • New CamAnchor for quick recording of preferred gimbal orientation
  • Gimbal assistant mobile app with easy, user-friendly interface
  • New Panorama mode for still image panoramas
  • New studio-oriented functions


Price & Availability

DJI has yet to announce a price for its new Ronin 2. The Ronin to will be available during the second quarter of 2017 from DJI, DJI Flagship stores, DJI Authorized Retail Stores, and DJI Resellers worldwide.








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