DJI’s Long Awaited Product Release: Disappointment, Satisfaction, or Both?

DJI May 24 product release

The Current Climate in the Consumer Hobby Drone Industry – Less than a month ago, Skynex Racing released a brief post about DJI’s undisclosed product that was set to be released today, May 24, 2017. The release came just a few weeks from the International Drone Racing Association‘s upcoming June 2-4 Dover drone racing series being held in parallel with NASCAR, and less than a month from the Drone Racing League‘s season 2. Owing to the success of these drone racing leagues, several other big, small, amateur, and professional drone racing leagues have sprung up,  notably the DR1 Micro Drone Racing Series. Aside from all the hype going on in the consumer hobby drone racing sector, as consumers are increasingly turning to portable gadgets, pocket selfie drones have also been growing in popularity.

In light of the above climate in the consumer drone industry, and left with little to no other clue than what appeared on DJI’s ad for the secret product release (above), some consumer hobby drone industry experts affirmed that “seize the moment” referred to a fleeting moment, and related to something fast, but without necessarily referring to speed. Some expert consumer drone commentators guessed a Phantom 5, a selfie drone, the spark drone. For our part, relying on the flashy swirling lines against the pitch black background of DJI’s ad for the new product release, we had guessed that perhaps DJI would make its first real attempt to pierce into the consumer hobby drone racing sector. In the end, many were wrong about what DJI was cooking for its fans.

The new product released today, May 24, 2017, in New York City at 11:00 am, was the Ronin 2, described by DJI as “a more powerful, versatile and Intelligent Stabilizer For Film And Video Professionals”. Does this new product release by DJI offer satisfaction, or disappointment? The answer is of course both. DJI’s most important presence and following is in the aerial drone photography and filming sector. In that sense, the Ronin 2 will definitely come as great satisfaction for its existing customers looking for the latest in DJI drone technology. On the other hand, aside from perhaps its Snail Propulsion System, DJI has made very little to no contributions towards one of the largest growing sectors in consumer hobby drones that is, first-person-view (‘FPV’) drone racing. Given the quality of the products it offers to its photography and filming drone enthusiasts, DJI has left a large section of drone enthusiast underserved, envious, jealous, and disappointed.

DJI Ronin 2






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