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Commercial + Industrial Drones for Sale

For drone enthusiasts that may have missed some of our previous posts, Skynex Global Drones is in the process of opening a new store, Skynex Industrial Drones. In contrast to Skynex Global Drones, which offers a general store with private drones for sale, the new store was created to respond to demands Skynex Global Drones was receiving from various private drone manufacturers . The within post provides a glimpse of the Skynex Industrial Drones store. First, why do business with Skynex Industrial Drones?

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Excellent Buyer Protections, Guarantees, and Warranties on All Products, and More

  1. Best Price Guaranteed: Skynex Industrial Drones offers guaranteed best price on all its products. Investors and buyers who find a better price elsewhere are encouraged to contact Skynex to receive a better price.
  2. Neutral, Unbiased Advice & Recommendations: Skynex Industrial Drones offers neutral, unbiased advice, help, and recommendations to its customers. Unlike most drone stores, Skynex Industrial Drones does not act for or represent in any way in one or more drone manufacturer. We receive no incentive for suggested one commercial or industrial drone solution over another.
  3. Unparalleled Expertise: because we do not represent any single drone manufacturer, we offer a variety of different solutions drawn from different sources. Owing to this fact, we have acquired a specialized expertise in drones. In addition to keeping current with news in the drone industry, we also keep current with the latest developments in drone technology, as well as the latest product releases from the best drone manufacturers. Due to our knowledge of the various products available on the drone market, we are able to find the best solution for our clients.
  4. Drone Specialists: unlike most store, we do not offer electronics, We focus strictly on drones. Our general store, Skynex Global Drones, offers personal entertainment drone solutions from racing drones, to professional photography drones, to acrobatic drones and more. Skynex Industrial Drones focuses strictly on commercial and industrial drone solutions.
  5. Warranty – 1 Year Free Care and Repairs: all products sold on Skynex Industrial Drones are covered by a limited warranty. In addition to a no hassle, friendly return policy, Skynex Industrial Drones also offers 1 year of free drone care and repair services to its customers.
  6. Anything Else? Of Course: In addition to all of the above, Skynex Industrial Drones offers all-inclusive prices. In other words, the price you see on our store is the price you’ll pay at checkout, no more no less. U.S. customers also benefit from 0% sales tax and free shipping. Customers in Canada benefit from free shipping.

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The Best & Latest Commercial & Industrial Drone Solutions

  1. The Latest Commercial & Industrial Drone Solutions: The commercial and industrial drones for sale at Skynex Industrial Drones offer the very latest drone technologies designed for commercial and industrial operations and activities. Worded differently, the Skynex Industrial Drones store includes drone technologies that are up to date for the year 2018.
  2. Commercial Drones for Sale: The Skynex Industrial Drones is determined to remain the world’s premier, leading store for not only private drone solutions, but also for commercial drone solutions. Presently, the commercial drones available at Skynex Industrial Drones cover the following commercial activities: Delivery Dronesfilm & Television DronesInsurance DronesMedia & Journalism DronesPhotography DronesReal Estate Marketing DronesSports & Events DronesTravel & Tourism DronesWedding & Celebration Drones. Businesses and organizations in these and other sectors have a lot to gain from investing in a commercial drone solution tailored to their needs.
  3. Industrial Drones for SaleIn addition to personal and commercial drone solutions, Skynex is also making it its priority objective to remain the world’s premier industrial drone store. Presently, Skynex Industrial Drones offers industrial drones that cover the following industrial sectors: All Industrial Drones for Sale; Agricultural DronesConstruction Drones; Infrastructure Drone Solutions; Mining & Quarrying Drones; Oil & Gas Drone Solutions.

The above is but an overview of Skynex’s new store, Skynex Industrial Drones. Skynex Industrial Drones will also make available cutting-edge drone and photography accessories for professional photography and cinematographic film producers. Investors, customers, and buyers are welcomed to contact one of our experts to find a a personalized commercial or industrial solution for their needs.



8 Ways to Perfect Your Aerial Drone Photography Skills


Below are 8 easy ways to perfect your aerial drone photography skills, and to get the very best and most our of your aerial photography drone. As with everything else in life, always keep in mind that practice makes perfect.

1. Before Heading Up High in the Sky

A few precautions should be taken before sending you aerial photography drone high up in the sky.  (1) Get well accustomed with local laws and regulations regarding hobby drones. Only fly your drone in an area if you’ve become well acquainted with applicable drone laws and regulations, and are sure that its safe to fly. (2) Make sure to always calibrate your drone whenever you change locations. (3) check your drone’s compass sensor index after calibrating, and make sure that the sensor index is between 1400 and 1600. If the  number is higher, this may indicate signal disturbances that can cause in-flight connection problems. (4) Always test your drone at ground level before flying it higher in the sky. Watch our for any abnormalities in flight and control before sending it any higher. (5) Watch out for wild life.

2. Use Longer Shutter Speeds Over ISO Setting

The higher your ISO, the more grain and noise will appear in your aerial drone captures. In broad day light, there is sufficient light available to leave the ISO setting at a minimum. In low-light environments, using a longer shutter speed should be preferred over increasing the ISO. With this in mind, you’ll want to find the perfect, balanced setting for each environment.


3. Shoot in RAW format

As with normal photography, capturing aerial drone images in RAW format allows you to later bring appropriate corrections to things such as colors and exposure. If you end up capturing that one stunning photograph with your drone, you’ll certainly be glad to be able to have access to post-processing options made available through apps like Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop.

4. Make Good use of Bracketing 

For anyone unaccustomed with the term, ‘bracketing’ refers to the ability to simultaneously shoot to or more photos using different camera settings. Bracketing will ensure you always have that one photo with the best camera settings relative to your subject and its environment. If you’ve also been shooting in RAW format, you’ll be able to apply post-processing options to the best image.


5. Start from Auto Mode then Switch and Adjust from Manual Mode

The granular control offered through manual mode (M), as opposed to automatic (P) mode, is just another way for you to express you artistic creativity in aerial drone photography. However, doing so can be tricky, especially if you’re a beginner. A good way to learn is to first start in auto mode, to see what settings are suggested relative to a specific subject and its environment. With those settings in mind, you can then switch to manual mode, and making any adjustments according to your own artistic viewpoint.

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6. Low-light Conditions and In-Flight Vibrations

Unique to the art of aerial drone photography is the fact that the device used to take the photos is often high up in the sky, where it becomes vulnerable to vibration and shaking caused by higher altitude winds. This is particularly problematic when shooting in low-light environments, such as night time. To reduce vibrations and shaking in your aerial drone photos, a shutter speed that does not exceed 3 seconds is recommended.


7. Neutral Density and Polarizing Filters

In well-lit environments, such as in broad daylight, use neutral density filters (‘ND’) as a creative, artistic tool for your aerial drone photography. Using a ND filters the light coming to the drone’s camera, and achieves a result that is similar to shooting with a slow shutter speed of say, 1/50 of a second. The result is a darker image in broad day light settings, which can lead to overall better looking images.


8. Use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are excellent tools to help you achieve you creative and artistic vision. Use them to your advantage.